The day has finally come when McDonald’s admit what’s in their food. You have probably heard that this fast food restaurant puts disgusting things in their burgers, but the majority is actually convinced this is true. McDonald’s are finally admitting what’s in their food, from the pink slime to the mechanically separated meat.

The company launched “Our food. Your Questions.” PR campaign with the purpose to fight the critics.

This campaign allows customers to see how their food is made for the first time ever. Although McDonald’s deny usage of “pink slime” in their burgers, they admit presence of other shocking ingredients. For example, they use azodicarbonamide in the preparation of their buns, which is a chemical substance found in yoga mats.

The fast food chain explains that azodicarbonamide has various uses and variations, and that although present in yoga mats, it doesn’t mean that it’s unsafe, and it certainly doesn’t mean that their food contain plastic or rubber. They try to convince us that adding rubber in their food is safe by pointing out the various uses of salt, saying that the one we use in the kitchen is a variation of the one we use to de-ice the sidewalk. Another such example is ADA which has various uses.

McDonald’s admit using dimethylpolysiloxane as an anti-foaming agent in the frying oil of their McNuggets. On the other hand, they claim their patties are 100% beef, which is quite surprising. McDonald’s chief brand manager says that people should judge them before even knowing them.

However, the best thing is to stick to the real food instead of risking with their yoga-mat buns. In fact, if you have ever watched “Super-Size Me” you know the dangers this food can cause to your health. We hope this post helped you understand that this food can’t and shouldn’t replace whole foods in your everyday diet!


Source: http://healthyfoodhealthyyou.com

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