Woman Arrested For Dropping A Hot Sh*t On Boss’ Desk After Winning Lottery

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If I ever won the lottery I’d imagine one of the first things I’d do is not quit my job, but most people would disagree.

If you were to go around and take a mass consensus you’d find that a large portion of people would quit their jobs, and who could blame them? Well, this woman’s dreams came true when she actually DID win the lottery, but she decided to take ‘quitting’ to a whole new level on her way out!

The 41-year-old woman discovered she had a $3 million winning ticket last Friday night and almost immediately began plotting her exit from her job. When Monday rolled around and her “last day” was upon her (let’s face it, she really checked out on Friday) she went back in for one last thing, and the next thing her boss knew he was locking eyes with the woman taking a massive dump on his desk!

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