Why Women In China Don’t Get Breast Cancer

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Jane Plant’s is an interesting life story that should be of interest to all women. She’s both a well known professor and a geochemistry expert. She’s also a wife and mother. When she was 42 (back in 1987), this amazing woman was diagnosed with cancer.

She received an initial prognosis that said that this was the beginning of the end of her career and life.

But she didn’t have any plans of giving up or surrendering to this deadly disease. The cancer recurred four times but she was determined to fight it.

So what did Jane do?

She began following a groundbreaking dietary regimen. She also brought major changes in her lifestyle habits.

The result was that she made it through and continues to live today without any problems.

Her regimen has so many wonderful positive effects and today she is on a mission to tell women about the principles of it and to raise awareness.

Jane’s husband is an experienced and well known scientist. When she got her cancer diagnosis, he began his investigation of such low breast cancer rates in China.

It was based on his findings that contributed to the creation of the cancer-fighting technique which he recommended to Jane.

The method’s effects have now become popular.

Many have called it to be controversial, but that doesn’t’ mean that women should not have the right to choose their own treatment for saving their life.

Jane’s story: This is what she has to say

Her colleagues and friends from China sent her cards and letters, and some amazing herbal suppositories. Her husband received them and brought all of them to her.

The suppositories were meant for her breast cancer’s treatment. At first they were nothing more than something that could be laughed at for.

Jane first said to her husband that it must be some kind of magic that these things can protect Chinese women against breast cancer.

But then Jane began thinking – Chinese women don’t get breast cancer. Why?

Both the husband and wife combined their scientific backgrounds to get to some logical explanation. They began studying scientific data. They were soon studying fat percentage in diets.

According to research (during the 1980s), fat contributed to around 14% of the calories found in the average Chinese diet. on the other hand, the western diet had 36% of fat.

However, Jane was consuming low-fat diet before she developed the cancer. her diet was full of fibers too.

Because she’s a scientist, she also knew that taking fats doesn’t increase the chances of breast cancer in adults.

Then one day when Peter and Jane were doing their research with a few others, someone said that the Chinese don’t consume dairy produce.

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