When Wasps Are Given Colored Paper, They Build Rainbow Nests

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Image credit: BoredPanda

Nature truly is an incredible thing. It never fails to amaze me, whenever I feel down or lacking in inspiration all it takes is a walk in the park to fix things. There is beauty and wonder all around if we actively look for it. Not many people like wasps. Mainly because they are not very friendly. However, not all wasps are aggressive. In fact from afar wasps can be pretty fascinating creatures. Take a look at these psychedelic nests they have been making.

The pictures below are the result of an experiment conducted by Mattia Menchetti, a biology student at the University of Florence. By giving a colony of European paper wasps different coloured paper over time they eventually constructed their own kaleidoscopic houses. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

As you will see the results are pretty remarkable.

This experiment was deliberate, however, back in 2012 beekeepers in France were amazed when they discovered bees had created green and blue honey. The color variation was a result of the bees collecting sugar from M&M shells at a nearby waste-processing plant.


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