When The Kiss Cam Focuses On Them, He Pulls A Sign Out Of His Pocket That Had Me In Stitches

Kiss cams are common at indoor sporting events like basketball or hockey games. The cameras scan the crowd looking for a man and a woman sitting next to each other. During downtime or a time out a series of men and woman together are put on the big screen so that they can kiss. Many celebrities have appeared on kiss cams, including Presidents and First Ladies, such as George H.W. and Barbara Bush, and President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. One of the troubles with randomly selecting a man and a woman in a crowd is they may not be a couple. It’s so common that late night host Conan O’Brien has an ongoing skit about it. Nothing Conan has done is as funny as what happens in this video, though.

Source: http://www.wimp.com

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