What Happens When You Eat Ginger Every Day?

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Eat ginger to get away from danger.

Ginger has been a part of traditional medicine for years and years – and this is not a coincidence. Science today has proven that there are benefits you can gain when eating ginger. But it is even more effective if you consume the root plant every day.

If you’re one of those individuals who are not so fond of eating ginger, here are some of the superfood’s incredible capabilities that will change your mind:

1. Ginger is your heart’s friend. Eating ginger can lower your cholesterol. One study, which was conducted for 45 days with 85 high-cholesterol people, showed that consuming three grams of ginger powder every day can significantly reduce cholesterol. This can benefit the body since low cholesterol can reduce risk of hypertension, stroke, and especially heart disease.

2. Ginger helps provide relief for common cold. If you eat ginger every day, you will become more resilient to common cold, even helping you reverse colds so you don’t get them. Ginger contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, including its most active component, gingerols. This is a bioactive substance that can lower the risk of infections.

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