Wait Until You See Inside This Floating Hotel Room

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New floating hotel room in San Francisco bay.

Ever wanted to spend a vacation on the water? No, really, like floating on water? Well, at this new luxury hotel, now you can. This one-of-a-kind hotel, proposed by Serbian design studio Salt & Water, offers hotel guests the luxury and amenities of a top-notch hotel in with the privacy of a single cabin.

With one little catch: the hotel and all the single cabins are floating on a beautiful lake, surrounded by towering Serbian mountains.

The main lobby of the hotel is floating on the inland water, but is anchored in place. However, the modular, private cabins have the ability to stay anchored by the lobby or float freely on the lake; this ability to navigate their own catamaran (what the units are formally referred to) is something that the hotel industry has never experienced before.

Entire floating modular hotel.
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