VIDEO: Woman’s Foot Ripped Off After Moron Biker Runs Red Light (GRUESOME)

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This is exactly why biking gear goes way beyond just a helmet. This poor girl may have lost her foot forever just beyond he boyfriend rode like a complete moron just to show off to his friends.


This biker ended up straight up running a red light causing them to t-bone a car that was driving through the intersection. The bike ended up slamming sideways and I imagine this girls foot got pinched between the it and the car as she was thrown upward through the air.


The guy was okay but the girl could obviously not stand up, it’s horrific to hear the screams from witnesses and the cries from the girl as the guy filming constantly yells for someone to call 911. This is the type of video they force students to watch in a driver’s ed class.


You can watch the whole grotesque video by clicking the next button below:

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