Tiny lion cub stumbles out. Now try not to smile when you hear the sound it makes

Cat got your tongue? It appears so in this clip posted by Chubby-Fish. When a tiny lion stumbles out of the brush, you may be surprised to hear his voice. If you expected a deep roar already, guess again. This little guy can barely choke out a sound, but it’s the cutest thing you’ll hear all week!
While this baby lion may not be roaring yet, chances are he will when he grows up. According to Smithsonian Mag, the secret to a lion’s roar can be found in the makeup of their vocal cords. While most animals have triangular-shaped cords, lions and tigers actually have flat and square-shaped cords. It’s this small alteration that allows the animals to bellow out a sound that’s 25 times louder than a lawnmower!
It’s also the strength of the vocal cords that allow the animals to really belt it out. While elk have similar-shaped folds, they have a high-pitched voice. The difference here is that a lion’s vocal cords can withstand much more stretching and shearing as air passes through. Therefore, lions and tigers have a much stronger voice. Amazing!
To check out the sounds of a baby lion, click the video below. We dare you not to smile!

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