THIS is What Drinking Soda Does to Your Penls!

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It’s no secret that soda can have drastic effects on the body. But this? I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

Researchers at Copenhagen University Hospital recently discovered something rather disturbing during a study of more than 2,500 young men.

The study’s main purpose was to determine if the men were fit for military service. It’s a standard test that all Danish men at the age of 18 have to complete.

The men were required to fill out a questionnaire regarding their soda consumption. And that’s where things got really interesting.

Scientists found that in excessive soda guzzlers, sperm count was as low as 35 million per milliliter while moderate soda guzzlers had a count of 56 million per milliliter.

That’s a roughly 30% drop – not good news for anyone who wishes to stay fertile.

The scary part? Researchers found that the amount of soda one needs to drink to achieve such a drastic drop is a mere 3 cans per day.

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