This Is How You Can Flush Out Toxins From The Body Through Your Feet And It’s Disgusting

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As you’re well aware, there are tons of body detox methods out there on the market. Whether it be a juice cleanse, or a fruit and veggie detox, the main goal of these techniques is to flush the body of unwanted toxins that taint your health.

Did you know that you can detox your body through your feet? In fact, this method is quite effective and allows you to detox without starting a restrictive diet. Let’s check it out, Diply friends.

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The body is constantly inundated with a whole host of toxins. 

These unwanted toxins can interfere with proper hormonal and brain function — along with the immune system. Detoxing the body is a popular practice, and while it’s not the most popular method, detoxing through the feet may be the most effective.


One of the most popular ways to detox through your feet is by using these nifty foot pads.

One popular foot detox pad, found here, removes toxins from the body and also claims to be able to reduce foot pain.


The aftermath isn’t pretty, but that means it’s working!

The great thing about foot detox pads is that most are made from natural sources like bamboo and different tree extracts.


Another way to detox your feet is via foot bathing. This can be done quite cheaply with a few important ingredients.

First, pour some Epsom salt into a basin with warm water.


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