This In-Ear Device Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time

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Before you’ve gone traveling to a country with a different language than your own, have you found yourself scrambling through translation books or online sites to try and get by with simple translations? Well here’s a major game changer.

It’s The Pilot, an in-ear translator that is developed by Waverly Labs and is so incredibly simple it almost seems too good to be true! By this winter it should be released. It essentially allows people to understand whichever language you want through a real-time translation mechanism. Of course, toggled through an app. English, French, Spanish, and Italian are some of the the languages available so for.

So how much for this revolutionary device?

It’s actually very cheap considering the benefits it provides. It’s price is only $129.

The Pilot utilizes two earpieces. They are designed to fit anyone’s ears comfortably just like regular earphones do.

It has real time, in-ear translation of English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Amazing!

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