This Giant Rose Is Beautiful And It’s Even More Stunning When It Is Cut To Reveal The Cake!

This amazing rose cake looks delicious, but it also looks complicated. What’s on the inside? How did she make those petals? What if I told you, it’s more simple than it looks? By taking two cakes and some modeling chocolate, and just a little bit of skill, you can make this cake as well!

You’ll need to start with two baked cakes, some buttercream frosting, modelling chocolate, and a knife!

After stacking the layers of cake, and gluing them with buttercream, carve the rough shape of a circle. Then, spread on a crumb coat, pop in in the fridge, and swipe on another layer of buttercream!

Now time for the petals! Roll out your modeling chocolate nice and flat, then cut out some circles and start forming the petals. Here’s a tip: Using slightly different shades of pink modelling chocolate will give the flower a more realistic look! Now, keep making those petals bigger and bigger, and working them on to the cake ball!

For the last five petals, make them a bit thicker, and stick them in the fridge for only about 30 seconds. Once they’re cool, shape them onto the cake.

Leaf time! Grab your green modelling chocolate and cut out leaf shapes. Don’t forget to carve out patterns on the leaves. Once your leaves are places around your gorgeous rose, your cake is done!

One of the best parts about this cake is the use of modelling chocolate instead of fondant. And the fact that you can make this rose any color you want! For more in-depth instructions, take a look at the video below. Have you made a cake like this? What color did you make?

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