This 90-Year-Old Refused Chemo Treatments For Her Cancer. What She Does Instead Is Brilliant

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A cancer diagnosis is always horrible and totally devastating.

It’s still a huge killer and there is no magic potion or miracle cure to make it totally go away. Instead there’s surgery, chemo, and radiation. Not to favorable, but usually the only option for most, even though survival is still not guaranteed. The impact is emotionally heavy and financially draining for many. A woman named Norma was diagnosed with cancer. That same week her husband of 67 years passed away. That’s a double feature nobody wants to ever have to see. Yet Norma was facing it and the standard fare options for the cancer were presented – surgery, chemo, radiation. Here’s her story and what she chose to do.

In one week 90-year-old Norma was diagnosed with having a cancerous mass in her uterus while having to say goodbye to her husband of 67 years.

The tumor was discovered when blood was detected in her urine after a routine checkup.

The routine treatments were presented – surgery, radiation, chemo. They asked how she wanted to move forward.

To the doctors surprise, Norma chose an option they didn’t give her. It was called, The Road.
She told them, “I’m 90-years-old, I’m hitting the road.”

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