They’re Singing A Duet When She Suddenly Hushes Dad And Stops. Then She Tells Him THIS


Benjamin Ames setup a camera and proceeded to record himself singing a lovely duet with his daughter. Little did he know, he was about to capture an incredibly precious moment on camera.

Holding a pink ukulele in his hand, Benjamin plays a tune while he and his daughter sing. This little girl is incredibly energetic, and she is clearly having a blast with her father. Just look at her all the facial expressions and hand gestures she makes!

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the little girl tells her Dad to “Shh!” Then, she and Dad pause for a few seconds. The little girl hears something outside, and Dad completely plays along with her even though there was no noise outside.

It’s a precious moment caught on camera! I’m sure Dad will look back on this moment and smile for years to come.

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