The baby sobs until it can’t cry anymore and the reason why its parents don’t run to it will leave you pondering

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Most young parents have asked themselves this question: What’s the best way teach your child how to sleep on its own? One commonly used method is to slowly stop bringing your baby into bed with you.

A mother from the USA thinks this is a terrible idea. She wrote this blog post from the perspective of a confused and upset baby:

Twitter /Kibitz Cafe

“Dear mommy,

I am confused.

I am used to falling asleep in your soft, warm arms. Each night I lay snuggled close to you; close enough to hear your heartbeat, close enough to smell your sweet fragrance. I gaze at your beautiful face as I gently drift off to sleep, safe and secure in your loving embrace. When I awaken with a growling stomach, cold feet or because I need a cuddle, you attend to me quickly and before long I am sound asleep once again.

Flickr/David K

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