Soursop Leaves Offer These Health and Beauty Benefits

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They Lower Body Temperature

Soursop leaves may be employed in a couple of ways to help reduce fever. First, a handful of leaves may be boiled in water. Once lukewarm, it may be used for bathing to lower the temperature of the body. The same effect can be obtained by consuming tea out of soursop leaves.

They Encourage a Good Night’s Sleep

Drinking the same tea out of soursop leaves is also recommended for people who constantly find themselves wide awake at night. It is said that the beverage is capable of relaxing both mind and body, thus promoting a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation is something that can cause so many problems in the long run, so it needs to be managed.

They Kill Off Cancer Cells

Just like the popular fruits themselves, soursop leaves are also scientifically-proven to be highly effective in zapping cancer cells. What’s so nice about utilizing soursop leaves in the fight against cancer is it can kill off those malignant cells without causing terrible side effects, unlike conventional cancer treatments.

They Help Lower Heart Disease Risk

Because of their anti-inflammatory properties, soursop leaves may also be used in the fight against deadly heart disease. Many can attest to the ability of soursop leaves to lower bad cholesterol as well as control high blood pressure. As a result, one’s risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke can be lowered effectively.

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