Someone Has Managed To Complete Pokémon GO And This Is What It Looks Like To Be A Winner

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Since the release earlier this month of Pokémon GO, Nintendo has already added $7.5 billion to its market value and increased its stock shares by 25 per cent. The addictive mobile game has basically taken over people’s lives, much like the original Pokémon cards we all traded in the playground back in the day.

It hasn’t been out for long, but it would appear that a New York resident has already managed to complete the game. Hailing himself as the first player to complete the game in the US, Reddit user ftb_hodor AKA Nick Johnson used a combination of leg, brain, and willpower to achieve his impressive goal.


Posting his achievements on Reddit, he explained how the 142 Pokémon he’d managed to capture were the compete list of characters available to capture in the US.


It took Johnson an epic 153.2 km of walking around New York to complete the game, proving the game’s status as a potential solution to America’s obesity epidemic. If you’re sitting there wondering exactly how you could ever live up to Johnson’s incredible title, then I’ve got some tips over on the next page from the man himself.

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