She Has No Idea Why Her Toddler’s Legs Are So Red. Then She Finds The Cereal Box In The Pantry

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A mom has penned a viral Facebook post to warn other parents about the harmful chemicals lurking in their children’s snacks after her daughter had an allergic reaction to a popular cereal. Read on to learn more!

She Has No Idea Why Her Toddler

Photo Copyright ©2015 Misty Lyn/Facebook

When Misty Lyn first saw the shocking rash spreading across her toddler’s legs, she had no idea what could have caused it.

Terrified that little Harper might have brushed up against something poisonous, she asked her husband to walk her through their baby girl’s morning.

Major red flags suddenly started popping up the moment Misty’s husband, Steve, told her that Harper had tried the popular cereal Apple Jacks for the very first time that morning.

With the new cereal in mind, Misty decided to do a little research of her own, and she was stunned by what she found.

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