Put Ice On This Point, And There Will Be a Complete Change in Your Body

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According to the Chinese medicine, our body can be regarded as an energy system, which can be influenced by acupuncture and massage.

These methods will alter the energy flow, as well as the function of body organs.  Moreover, the Chinese believe that you can improve your health, mood and energize the entire body by putting an ice cube on a certain point located on the neck.

This point is found between the tendons in the neck, at the base of the skull, just below the bottom ridge of the skull cap at the top of the neck. In acupuncture, this point is called Feng Fu or refuge of wind.

When stimulated, acupuncturists believe that this point promotes overall well- being.

Lie on your stomach (or sit) and put one ice cube at this point, and hold it for twenty minutes. You can secure the ice cube with a bandage or a scarf.

Initially, the cold feeling that is caused may be unpleasant to you, but in the next 30 to 40 seconds, you will feel the influx of heat to the point of action.

This method should be repeated regularly, in the morning and at bedtime. This procedure will stimulate the release of endorphins into the bloodstream, so you may feel euphoria during the first few days of the treatment.

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