Prison Employee Tries To Sing Beyonce, But Her Voice Is Like Nothing They’d Heard!

When Sam Bailey stepped into the room for first auditions for The X Factor UK, skepticism already filled the air because of her shy attitude and rough presentation. And that was only increased when she revealed her occupation as a prison guard.

Her time to sing came just a minute later, her song choice being Beyonce’s “Listen,” which is incredibly difficult to sing. But it was instantly obvious that Sam was meant to be in the competition. Her performance met Beyonce’s song and then some!

The judges reactions after the performance were exactly what this talented woman needed to hear. One of the judges asked, “Sam! Where did that voice come from?.” He then went on to say, “I wasn’t expecting that at all. Wow!”

Another said, “That’s exactly how this song is supposed to be sung… with the passion, just singing for your life. That’s all I care about.”

As you can imagine, Sam started get emotional. She was taking a huge risk, putting herself on the line, and it paid off! All four judges gave her emphatic “Yes!” and sent her to the next round.

Sam’s audition teaches us a powerful lesson — pursue your dreams no matter what preconceived notions the world may have about you.

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Source: Video by The X Factor UK
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