Patient Dies Alone So Nurse Starts ‘No One Dies Alone’ Program

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One of the scariest thoughts is dying alone. Death on its own can be scary, but its inevitability only worsens with the possibility you might have to leave this earth alone without the company of loved ones. This is something too many people have had to experience and one nurse felt it didn’t have to always be this way. It was something she thought about for nearly two decades. When her plan was finally set in motion, it ended up being the start of hundreds of lives being comforted as patients took their last breaths.

In 1986, Sandra Clarke was working as a staff nurse at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon.

One night, she was making her rounds when she entered an elderly man’s room.

He asked her, “Will you stay with me?”

She said she would be back as soon as she checked on her six other patients.

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