Owner Frustrated By Dog Shedding In Car, Invents Hilarious Doggy Leotards & People Can’t Stop Cracking Up.

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Tyson Walters is the proud owner of a huge Saint Bernard named Harley. Despite his love for Harley, Tyson recalls feeling frustrated whenever he had to take Harley on a car ride: “My car was practically ruined. Harley’s hair would intertwine in the fabric and not want to ever come out. She would shake and the hair would just explode off her and disperse throughout the car.” Sound familiar, dog owners?

It got to the point where Tyson started day-dreaming about a gadget that would prevent all that shedding in the first place. “I couldn’t find a solution. So I decided to make one.” That’s when Tyson invented the Shed Defender. Now, I– personally– have not tried the Shed Defender, or seen it in action, so I can’t endorse the product. But here’s why I’m telling you about it: the Shed Defender is basically a doggy-leotard. And it’s awesome.

Check out the hilarious photos:

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Shed Defender
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