Nobody Paid Attention To Her Safety Demo, So This Flight Attendant Decided To Start Doing THIS. Now She’s The Highlight Of Every Flight!

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This Flight Attendant Has The Best Safety Speech

Southwest flight attendant does a stand up routine.

Flying is a stressful thing for most people. Some people are scared to death of the very idea, others are flying constantly for business and consider it a downright chore. Oftentimes, you’re flying to something unpleasant, maybe even something you flew away from in the first place. Needless to say, it’s not always a fun time. And one of the most tedious parts of all is the preparation for take off. You’re stalled on the runway for what feels like hours, you just want your in-flight drink, and then here comes the flight attendant to give that safety speech no one listens to.

Well, that last part isn’t the case if you’re flying with Marty Cobb.

This Lubbock, Texas native now lives in Dallas with her three kids and works as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. Southwest has a fun culture in general, encouraging employees and customers alike to express their personalities and have fun on their flights – not something you see with many other airlines, that’s for sure.

It makes sense then that this fun airline would have an attendant like Marty working for them. Marty, you see, isn’t just your everyday flight attendant – she’s also a bit of a stand-up comedian.

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