Mother Who Brutally Murdered Daughter Gets A Taste Of Prison Justice

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She killed her daughter and now is serving time in prison. She is now living the life of an inmate, which includes a heavy dose of prison justice as it’s being reported that Kathryn Smith, 23, was recently attacked.
She was found guilty in April of murdering her daughter Ayeeshia by way of brutally punching her in the chest.

Neighbors actually heard the poor child scream the following:

“Stop mummy, stop daddy.”

The child was only 21-months-old and ended up dying in the hospital on May of 2014. It was a tear to her heart from the blows to the chest that killed her.

The little girl actually bit through her own tongue the impact was so harsh.

The mother is serving a minimum of 24 years. She resides in Foston Hall women’s prison. Recently two inmates confronted her in a stairwell where there was no video monitoring. Ten other inmates watched on as the attack went down.

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