Millions Eat It Everyday But Have No Idea What It Actually Looks Like Before It’s Proccessed

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There is something calming about the process of de-shelling a bag of nuts before popping them in your mouth. Maybe it’s because it makes you feel like your earned the tasty treat, or maybe it simply gives you something healthy to focus on, taking your mind off the petty things in life.

Some of these nuts are simple to de-shell, such as the pistachio. You simply wedge your fingernails in the gap where the two shells meet and once you get some leverage, you can pop open the shell, and toss it in your mouth. Easy. And others take a bit more time and effort and even the use of a tool known as a nutcracker. The walnut is known as one of the tougher nuts to crack, as the shell is much thicker and it doesn’t typically have that opening that you can pull apart.

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