Migraine Disappears In Just 10 Minutes With This Powerful Natural Drink

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No one knows what the exact cause of migraines is, but scientists believe that migraine is a result of abnormal brain activity. Migraine can be triggered both emotionally and physically.

Migraine causes:

Emotional triggers: depression, tension, stress and shock.

Hormonal changes: menstruation or menopause headaches.

Dietary triggers: poor nutrition, alcohol, chocolate and caffeine drinks.

Environmental triggers: climate change, as well as smoking.

Migraines are intense, so you must learn how to prevent and treat them.

Almost everyone knows that if you suffer from migraines, you should drink plenty of water. However, you can drink as much water as your body can handle, or the ability to be dehydrated is still present. This happens because of low levels of electrolytes to your body to eliminate large amounts of water. In some cases, migraine is the main reason for the body dehydration.



– 2 tbsp of Himalayan salt

– 1 cup water

– Lemon juice (half a lemon)


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