Mean Rich Couple Mocks Struggling Mom For Food Stamps, Then Discover She’s A Foster Mom

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The world is a beautiful, wonderful place, but it can also be incredibly tough.

We all have days where we’re barely making ends meet, where things seem to be just this close to spinning out of control.

If you’re a parent, that’s doubly true, because you’re responsible for more lives than your own.

And if you’re a foster parent? Well, you’re probably practically a saint, because you have opened your arms to more children, and all of the emotions and chaotic joy that comes with them.

Being a foster parent is complex work, because you’re likely to be dealing with kids who have been through a lot of challenging experiences.

Meanwhile, you have to jump through bureaucratic hoops the whole time to provide for them.

One foster mom named Lindsay Rae knows this better than most.

So, back in 2013, when she saw a smug, well-heeled couple bullying another foster mom for using food stamps? Well, she let them have it.

Scroll through below to read the whole story in her own words.

Lindsay Rae first posted her experience back in November 2013, but it still holds up just fine.

More than 240,000 people have reacted to her post on Facebook, and over 259,000 have shared the post with others.

It all just goes to show that none of us have any tolerance for rude people who don’t understand stretching to make ends meet.

Read Rae’s words in full below.

“Last night I found myself sandwiched in line waiting to check out, this is not an odd occurrence.

The woman in front of me had 5 children she was wrangling (which did not seem odd to me), as well as the fact that the children were a mix of Caucasian and Hispanic short people.

(Again hmph… didn’t notice until it was pointed out to me.)

Yes, I said pointed out.”

“The people behind me, as I wrestled my own whiney toddler, began very loudly whispering things like:

‘How many baby daddies do you think she has?’

‘Can’t even dress those kids for weather.’

‘Just wait until she whips out the food stamps.’

I calmed my 3 year old with old Altoids found at the bottom of my purse and looked incredulously back at the well-dressed, normal couple spouting such, well, total CRAP.”

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