McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Burns Painful Mark Into Little Boy’s Arm

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McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Burns Painful Mark Into Little Boy's Arm

Photo Copyright ©2016 Casey Collyar/Facebook

An Arkansas mom wants answers after a toy in her little boy’s Happy Meal from McDonald’s allegedly burned a painful mark into his arm. Keep reading for more details!

An Arkansas mom claims that a toy her son got inside his Happy Meal from McDonald’s burned him.

In honor of the 2016 Rio Olympics, McDonald’s has been including one of six brightly colored “Step-It” trackers inside every Happy Meal sold in the U.S. and Canada.

According to FOX19 NOW, the fitness trackers are designed to light up and calculate a child’s steps, much in the same way that a Fitbit does for adults.

As one of the Olympics’ biggest sponsors and the official restaurant of the games this year, McDonald’s hopes its tiny device will encourage children to get up and move, just like their Olympic heroes.

The light-up tracker will only be available for four weeks, according to McDonald’s.

Unfortunately for Casey Collyar and her family, McDonald’s new Happy Meal toy hasn’t exactly been all fun and games.


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