Man Sits Alone In An Empty Church, Lifts His Head And Puts Everyone In Awe

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The sound of a whole choir of angels is pulled off exclusively by one man, and that is Peter Hollens himself. What it took to pull off this feat was worth every bit of effort on his part, because when you hear how amazing he sounds singing “What Child Is This,” you can’t help but be blown away. Sitting in a pew in the middle of a church, he is all alone with nothing but his voice to keep him company. He beings singing that familiar song until the magic multiplies unexpectedly.

His beautiful voice fills you with wonder and joy each time another harmony is added in. Hearing the words to one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time takes your breath away when not just his voice is heard, but five more join in. His recording highlights his talent in a stunning way, but at the same time points to the magnificence of the song itself. The setting is simple, but that’s what makes this new video so perfect. He sits there singing in the glow of a single strand of Christmas lights hung around the church.

The song begins and concludes with the same thoughtful manner with him bowing his head in reverence. The song’s theme is one of humility and wonder of Christ the King, and even just the way he sits adds to what he sings. When pondering such a miraculous birth of “whom Angels greet with anthems sweet,,” there’s nothing more appropriate than that. Watch his creativity unfold in the video below, you won’t want to miss it.

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