Little boy parks his bike along with other motorcycles. Then cop writes him a parking ticket

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Constable Shawn Currie is no stranger to the Halifax water front. He often patrols the area to ensure that the circle is clear for emergency vehicles to park when necessary. However, motorcyclists often park in this restricted area, making it difficult for other vehicles to navigate. It’s Shawn Currie’s job to make sure this doesn’t happen, regardless of the driver’s age.

Declan Tramley is a three-year-old toddler who loves peddling his bike and exploring the boardwalk. His favorite hobby is biking over towards the motorcycles parked in the circle of the water front and checking them out. He will even wear his leather jacket and mingle with the other bikers there.

One weekend, when Dad brought him to the area, Declan decided to park his bike along with the other motorcycles. There, an officer thought it would be funny to pretend to give him a ticket. Dad, enjoying the practical joke, took a picture of the event, and then Halifax Police Department posted it online. It immediately took off and went viral with millions of people viewing it and laughing along with the parents.

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