Ladies, Meet Your Next Fantasy: He’s A Model, AND A Firefighter.

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There’s a certain something about a man in uniform – all buttoned up and clean cut – that makes them irresistible. But compound that with tattoos, muscles and hero status and you’ve pretty much got the fantasy man trifecta.

Marshall Perrin is a buff, tattooed, model and firefighter who also happens to be Canadian. So, you know he’s probably polite as heck. He’s living proof that tattoos don’t make a professional any less reliable or competent in their career.

This 8-year veteran firefighter serves his community and saves lives. He is a big fan of American Traditional style tattoos – he’s got many of the classic roses throughout his designs along with skulls and angels – reminders of the fragility of life.

See for yourself:

Meet Marshall Perrin: Canadian. Model. Firefighter.

He may look like a bad boy…

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