KKK Threatens To “Wipe Out” Blacks Due To Dallas Police Shooting


Amidst the shooting deaths of five Dallas Police Officers this week, emotions are at an all time high regarding race in America.

Emotions are tense on both sides regarding the recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and the more recent shooting deaths of five Dallas Police Officers. Lawmakers and citizens alike are debating the future of race in America. While some believe that racism is the primary engine that leads to the unwarranted deaths of African-Americans, others feel that Blacks are using these situations as a means to act violently towards police. Despite what both sides debate, one thing is clear, racism is still alive in America.

According to reports, white supremacists in Texas are not happy with the deaths of the Dallas Police. Since the tragic incidents involving two African-Americans being killed by police in Minnesota and Louisiana, protestors have taken to the streets across America and around the world, their concerns regarding racism. Tension is building regarding the latest incidents and has even prompted President Obama to speak on the situations.

Dallas resident, Bernard Watts, has reported that alleged talk is festering in his city regarding possible retaliation towards African-Americans due to the deaths of five Dallas Police officers.

“I was at Walmart in the parking lot when I overheard a group of White men talking about the shooting. One of the guys in group said, “It’s hunting season.” The other men in the group then talked about a meeting with their “brothers” about what they plan to do about the fiver cops being killed. I tried to keep my distance but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I overheard another person in the group say, “We are going to wipe out the blacks in Dallas. They are getting out of hand with this black lives matter nonsense. They are nothing more than terrorists and they are using the media to fuel their cause. We can’t allow that.” After I heard that, I moved as far I as I could away from them and I had to tell someone what I heard,” said Watts.

When asked how Watts believed the group of men he overheard were part of the KKK, he responded with:

“One guy had a Nazi flag tattooed on his arm. Another guy had a burning cross t-shirt on. I know that there are tons of racist groups out there but that just seems to close to what the KKK represents.”

With all of the emotions surrounding the recent violent incidents, we can only hope that no one takes the wrong step by using violence to get their point across.


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