If you press this point on your foot before bed, this is what it does to your body

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LV3 acupuncture point linked to easing insomnia and sleep issues

With so many Americans suffering from insomnia, wouldn’t life be wonderful if you could push a button and instantly fall asleep? According to Acupuncture.com, applying pressure to key acupuncture points may help improve your quality of sleep and banish insomnia. The Chinese have been using this practice for centuries and freely share the technique with those who care to learn.
Which acupressure points may help you get a better night’s sleep? 
Many acupressure points exist on the human body, but three top ones seem to affect sleep. Modern Reflexology explains that the point commonly known as LV3, or the Great Rushing, is considered to be the “one-stop healing point for all problems,” including insomnia. This point is “situated on the fleshy webbing between the big toe and the second toe, on top of the foot.” Explore IM recommends firm pressure on the point for four to five seconds.
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