If You Often Crack Lame Jokes, You’re Probably Suffering From This Medical Condition

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When someone cracks lame jokes in a gathering, it’s often considered a sign of camouflaging social awkwardness. It’s also believed that people use jokes as a way to deal with their anxieties and issues. But that’s just not it about a person’s humorous side. Turns out that people who often make lame jokes could be having a medical condition, which leads them to make remarks that make others laugh. The patient, however, might not even understand why people find him or her so funny!

So, if everyone in the room is laughing at your frequent puns, sexual jokes or pointless stories, almost always at an inappropriate time, chances are that you might have a medical condition called Witzelsucht.

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Witzelsucht comes from two German words, Witzel and Sucht, where Witzel means ‘to make a joke,’ and Sucht means ‘addiction’. Combined, Witzelsucht means ‘an addiction to making jokes.’

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