If You Notice Someone With a Black Dot on the Palm, Call the Police Immediately!

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If you happen to see someone with a black dot on their palm, don’t hesitate and call the police immediately. You are probably wondering why. The answer is the Black Dot Campaign which began on Facebook and this campaign is a way to recognize victims of domestic abuse. Hence, people who are victims of domestic violence put a dot on their palm on order to show that they are in danger and in need of help.

The black dot enables victims to show that they need help because they aren’t able to ask for it. Probably, this is so because their abuser might be watching their every move. Namely, in only one day, the campaign reached more than 6000 people worldwide and has helped 6 women.

The organizers of the campaign say that spreading the campaign is an important step in the efforts to help victims of violence. Take a look at the story of one victim of domestic violence which she decided to share with the public:

“I’m heavily pregnant and the baby’s father is very abusive. With words, his hands.

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