How To Lose Fat In Your Waist, Legs And Hips

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How to lose weight in the waist, legs or a particular part of the body, and that it does not affect your figure, read about how to get rid of excess fat and how to solve this problem.

Fat deposits in the area of the armpits

This kind of fat prevents you to wear sleeveless shirts with straps and dresses. It definitely doesn’t look nice. This phenomenon can be a sign that the thyroid gland is not working properly, that it is working slower than it should be. It is recommended to avoid eating processed soybeans, beets, strawberries, cabbage, broccoli and peaches. Replace them with salmon,onions, liver, seaweed, tuna, whole grains and nuts. And of course, stress and frustration is highly prohibited for you.

Upper Arms

Your body probably lacks testosterone. To improve your condition make love more often, sleep well, avoid stress at all costs and do exercises that include your upper arms. Eat less sweets, but never starve. Flax seed, avocado, and salmon are good for you.

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