How to Get Faster Wifi without Buying Anything New

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How To Get A Better WiFi Signal

Image of WiFi router on counter.

Have you ever had a WiFi crisis? Not a crisis like your pirated signal going out (mmm hmm, we see you). We mean a real crisis like not being able to stream anything on Netflix without all the bumpy buffering. It’s slow. It’s annoying. It’s frustrating. It halts life. And sometimes all we know to do about it is to recheck our connection or make sure the power hasn’t gone out. Our reliability on WiFi can make us codependent on our provider to fix any problems with it, but little did we know there are some things we can do to try and amp up the signal.

First, we should understand that unlike radio waves whose signals stretch into the meter range, WiFi signals are about 12 centimeters. Because the signal’s reach can be limited by distance or barriers, router positioning is everything when it comes to speed. The kind people at Vox have provided us with tips to give us new possibilities for better WiFi signals for all. Check out the tips below!

  1. Center the Router

    Keeping the router in a position where it’s centrally located can help maximize the signal as routers have a range of 360 degrees. If it’s closed up in a small space then try putting it in a spot that’s close to the center of your home. Unable to center it? Trying moving it just a little bit closer to where most of your devices are located.

  2. Elevate It

    Lifting your router off the floor will prevent the signal from being blocked by flooring materials like wood, concrete, or metal. Giving it height will expose it to a larger and clearer broadcasting range. Find a place where the router won’t be sitting below or behind any objects or pieces of furniture.

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