Heartbroken Mom Humiliated At Babies ‘R’ Us After Miscarriage

Heartbroken Mom Humiliated At Babies 'R' Us After Miscarriage

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A Connecticut mom was left humiliated at Babies “R” Us when she tried to return a few items after suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage. Read on to learn more!

After suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage, a mother was left humiliated at a Babies “R” Us in Connecticut.

As WSFB reports, Jessica Huchko, of Watertown, and her husband couldn’t wait to welcome their baby boy into their family of three girls.

Even though they had plenty of hand-me-downs at home, Huchko knew she would have to make a trip to Babies “R” Us for a few necessities.

“We pretty much had everything, but with car seats and strollers, you have to update them every five years,” she explained.

Sadly, not long after buying the new baby items Huchko and her husband lost the baby, and soon everything became a constant reminder of their pain.

“Every time I would see them, I would either get mad or upset. I needed them out of the house,” she said.

Although both items were still sealed inside their boxes, Huchko had already thrown out the receipts before returning them.

“I assumed, why would I save them? I just threw it out,” she said.

The moment she walked into Babies “R” Us, Huchko realized returning her son’s stroller and car seat would be far more painful than she ever imagined.

“I guess I didn’t give her a good enough answer, so she asked, ‘why are you returning this?’ And it triggered something inside of me, that a tear just rolled down my face and I had to just say, ‘my son passed away and I can’t use them,’” she said.

Once a manager came to help, Huchko was forced to explain everything again, and she still couldn’t get her money back.

After reimbursing her for half of the stroller, the manager gave Huchko two cents for her $179 stroller.

Since Huchko’s story went viral earlier this week, Babies “R” Us has vowed to make things right for Huchko and her family.

“We are deeply sorry for her experience in our store, and more importantly for her loss. The store leadership has provided coaching to the team members to help ensure similar situations are handled with more care in the future,” Babies “R” Us said in a statement on Monday.

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