He Died Alone, In A Nursing Home, But His Words Will Make You Completely Change!

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Old age is never easy. Old, weak, ill… This is what old age means for most people. And having to spend the last years of your life surrounded by strangers makes old age even more difficult to bear.

Unfortunately, most seniors have no other option, but a nursing home to live in.

And although a nursing home is a place which provides medical care along with physical, speech and occupational therapy for the old who don’t need to stay in a hospital, but can’t be cared for at home, they rarely offer emotional support to their residents. And this is often more important than medical attention.kk

When Mark Filiser, an old man, died at the geriatric ward of a nursing home, the stuff thought he’d left nothing of value. But soon, they realized they’d made a mistake.

What they found was a beautiful poem called Cranky Old Man which the old man had written days before his death. The poem left everyone lost for words, and the nurse in charge made sure all employees got copies of the heart-breaking lyrics.

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