He Caught His Bird Sneaking Out Of His Cage. When He Confronts Him, The Bird Yells The Unthinkable

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No “bird brains” here. Cockatoos and parrots are known for their unusually high intelligence.

As affectionate as cockatoos are, they can also be very, VERY loud. While they can develop human language skills, they can have a tendency to engage in a behavior called “screaming.” So be careful about what you say around your bird. Especially if it is about your neighbors, because sooner or later, they’ll hear it straight from the horse’s…er, parrot’s mouth.

Parrots and cockatoos also live for a very long time. Becoming a cockatoo owner may very well be a lifelong commitment for you, since they can live up to 100 years. Make sure you have discussed plans for the bird’s care after your passing.

After watching the video, what do you think Pebble was saying? We think we know, but our minds are in the gutter. What is your favorite breed of cockatoo? Do birds make good pets? Share your thoughts here.

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