Grandma Starts Running In The Rain. The Reason Why? I’m In Tears.

Image Credit: neil horner / vimeo

“Light Rain,” a short film, uploaded to YouTube starts off in the clouds. Then a raindrop appears; it is falling to the earth. It hits the ground, and the skies open up. Some people take shelter from the rain – others run through it. This video is based on a true story about people stuck under the shelter of a building during a rainstorm.

The little girl in the video wants to run through the rain with her mom. She asks her mom three times to run through the rain with her. Her mom seems distracted. Then looks down and tells the little girl that they shouldn’t run through the rain because they would get wet. Grab a tissue and get ready to hear what the little girl says that makes her mom step out into the rain with her daughter!

Take a look at this video

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