Finally! Do Not Spend Your Money And Time, Heal Cavities At Home!

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Once you get a cavities, it can not be healed. That’s the common belief. You have only one solution – to go to a dentist.

The tooth can heal itself by nourishing your body. It is new fact that previously thought impossible.

The study of the British Medical Journal has shown that cavities can be reversed or healed. The research included 62 children with cavities who were divided into three groups.

heal-cavitiesThe first group took Vitamin D and ate a grain free diet. The second group took Vitamin D and consumed normal diet. The third group ate standard food plus oatmeal.

The results of the study were the following:

The third group had increased in cavities, the second one had improvements and first group had the best results – almost all the cavities had healed.

This study proves that we are misinformed about the cavities – how they can be revered and what caused cavities.

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