DOG Strange Dog Keeps Wandering Into Her Home To Sleep, Then She Finds A Note Tied To His Collar

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In the story below, we meet a woman who sees an old, tired-looking dog wander into her yard. The dog, who was kind, well-fed, and in good shape, then follows her inside her house and proceeds to curl up on the floor to take a nap.

After the dog awakens, he stands up and leaves the woman’s house, only to return again the next day for another sleep session. The dog kept coming back to take a nap, and would promptly leave.

This went on for several weeks until the woman attached a note to the dog’s collar, hoping his owner would read it and respond. She wanted to find out why a stranger’s dog was using her home to catch some Z’s.

When the dog returned with a new note attached to his collar, the woman finally learned the truth.

We found this story circulating online, and though we couldn’t track down its original source, it’s simply too good not to share.

Keep reading to find out what happened after an old dog wandered into a woman’s yard… and plopped down to sleep inside her house.

Credit: Tickld

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