Do You Wear THIS At Night? The Answer Reveals A Stunning Clue To Your Health…

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To paraphrase Fran Leibowitz, the only acceptable response to the question, “Can I be frank with you?” is “Yes, if I can be Barbara.”

That said, I think it’s about time that we all get frank on a topic we tend to avoid all together. Namely, our all-together. Birthday suits. Au naturel. I’m talking about nudity here.

We’re happy to accept nudity as comic relief, as in this hilarious and daring talent performance, and in a wide variety of recent blockbusters. In fact, it shows up in media all the time, one way or another.

But we’re not as good at talking about nudity with regard to our own lifestyles. That’s why I am here today to talk about the unsung benefits of stripping down and letting it all hang out!

Now, obviously, we all know that there’s a time and place for nudity, but I don’t think that we always take advantage of the many benefits of being naked when we have the opportunity.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in our sleep habits.

While plenty of folks sleep nude, there are scores more who go the pajama-clad route, and unwittingly miss out on a whole host of health benefits in the process.

Are you one of them? Let us know in the comments below!

Buff Benefit #1: You’ll Rest Easy

Buff Benefit #1: You'll Rest Easy

Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

Did you know that your body temperature has to drop half a degree in order for you to fall into a sound sleep?

It’s much harder for your body to accomplish that (and maintain it throughout the night) if you’re wearing a flannel nightie.

Instead, let your body tackle its nighttime temperature without interference when you’re ready to hit the hay!

Buff Benefit #2: It’s Good For Your “Downstairs”

Buff Benefit #2: It's Good For Your "Downstairs"

Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

You may have heard this one from your mother at some point, but it’s no old wives tale.

Leaving underwear or other tight material over your private parts at night can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and could even give you a yeast infection.

Take the nighttime as an opportunity for a little freedom down there, and let things air out.

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