Do You Ever Cook With Aluminum Foil? If So, Read This

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All over the world, people use accessories to help them prepare tasty meals in the kitchen. From budget-friendly tin foil to very expensive ceramic knives, there’s no end to the number of tools that a home cook keeps within reach.

Aluminum foil is a pantry staple in most homes. It is versatile, easy, and makes clean-up a breeze. Foil can cover up casseroles or make the most perfect baked potato.

Yet, if you cook with this kitchen tool, there’s something you need to know. It’s very probable that you’ve never even heard this before.

Simply put, it’s dangerous to your health.

Bad For Your Brain

Aluminum is neurotoxic heavy metal that has long been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Exposure to this toxin can lead to declines in coordination, memory, and balance. Sadly, for many who are afflicted, permanent memory loss also creates a huge metaphorical gap with loved ones that can never be bridged. It’s hard to maintain bonds with someone who doesn’t even remember you.

Bad For Your Bones

This toxic metal tends to build-up in your bones as well. It competes directly with calcium for space in your bones, and guess who wins this tug-of-war? While an aluminum skeletal frame might sound like something every budding bionic woman would want to have, our bodies are not made of science fiction. It needs calcium to keep our hips from breaking in a simple fall.

Bad For Your Lungs

Inhaling aluminum can lead to respiratory problems, including pulmonary fibrosis. If you grill with aluminum foil, you can be left with a pair of unhealthy lungs.


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