British bodybuilder dies of liver cancer due to drinking 6-7 energy drinks daily

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Bodybuilding is perhaps one of the best forms of exercise.

It is an anaerobic form of exercise in which the focus is to build muscle. Larger, stronger muscles have many benefits, the main one being you are simply making your own shell stronger so that you can function at a higher level, perform tasks easier and more effectively, and provide your body with better protection as you become older. Accidents happen, and those with muscle can better protect bones and tendons from increased damage, while performing hard tasks at a more functionally strong level. Muscle building has also been shown to improve bone strength as well as burn fat from the body more efficiently.

Bodybuilding has always had a darker side as well. From drug use to the obsessive nature of the activity. Many want to excel at their own highest level and will push the pace to get there anyway possible.

1.The Perfect Body.

Typically a body which is both muscular and ripped is what most bodybuilders go for. Gaining large muscular size while developing and maintaining ripped abs requires a rather exact combination of proper diet and proper training in order to maximize growth while minimizing fat gain. It’s a tricky equation and it is easy to see why certain shortcuts are so alluring to take.


2. Eat to Grow.

Dean Wharmby was someone who had his routine down. He knew if you wanted to grow you needed to put in the time not only at the gym, but at the dinner table. Many bodybuilders believe the mantra that diet is 80% of success and that you have to “eat to grow.” This means performing a bulking up period. Dean would follow a 10,000 calorie a day diet. While some bodybuilders “eat clean” which means only eating lean, healthy foods while they are bulking, many other bodybuilders find that route too difficult and instead resort to high protein and high calorie foods which will have them reach their daily caloric intake goal more easily and cost efficiently. Dean went this route and ate hamburgers, pizza, eggs, along with some leaner selections of chicken and fish, while consuming protein shakes for that extra protein intake. He would also consume energy drinks to fuel his workouts and maintain his energy levels which were challenged by the high calories he was consuming every two hours throughout the day.


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