All You Need is One Teabag and You Might Not Ever See Mice or Spiders In Your House Again!

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There is a comedic stereotype where a mouse or spider scurries across the room. Everyone screams and jumps onto a chair, yelling at the one family member who won’t mind doing away with the intruder. In reality, this seems absurd until it actually happens.

If you had an infestation before, you could relate to this.

If you are having an infestation now, our sympathy is with you, here is a simple trick you can use to be rid of the pests forever!

Why Do Mice Come?

Don’t think you have an unclean household or something is decaying in the basement. Rodents are scavengers. They seek shelter and food wherever they can find it. If your home is available, they are moving in.

Some things do attract them like, your accessible outdoor garbage cans or compost bins, nutsand fruits in the yard from trees, your pet’s outdoor food and water dishes, or a birdfeeder. Find rodent-proof containers for these uses.

Examine your home to ensure you have no holes or cracks. Mice are nifty, and they would enter through any openings let it be in the space around the drains, pipes, or cables. Cover vents in the attic and crawl spaces with thin metal screening. If the hole is large enough to fit the tip of your pinkie, a mouse can squeeze through. Seal these areas with steel or caulk.

Even if you don’t see a mouse streaking across the floor, but you begin to notice droppings the size of a single kernel of rice, or for rats, the size of a raisin, you should be aware there is a problem. If you sprinkle some flour on the ground, you may discover their tracks! Chewing or bite marks on wooden furniture or paper objects are also telling signs.

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