Aim your hairdryer at a candle and in a minute you’ll have the perfect Christmas present. Fantastic!

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Looking for a very unique Christmas present to give to loved ones? Look no further, this is a very cool gift that doesn’t cost much but will likely be far more meaningful than a store bought item.

All it takes is a few simple steps and you will have an awesome Christmas gift that will definitely turn heads on Christmas morning!

Here’s what you will need:

Tissue paper (like this kind)
Printing paper
Wax paper (for example)
Hairdryer or hot air gun

Here’s how to make this fantastic gift:

First you want to trim a piece of the tissue paper. Make it smaller than a piece of printer paper.

Now you want to tape that tissue paper, with shiny side down, onto the printer paper.

Next, put the prepared page into the printer so that it prints onto the tissue side and choose the picture you want to be placed on your candle. Then print it out.

Cut the picture and leave a very small margin right around it. The photo will be on the light tissue paper.

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