After you read this, you’ll never put toilet paper on the seat again. Never.

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Public toilets can get disgusting very quickly. You’ve all been there before, needing to go to the restroom but then opening the toilet door to find something quite repulsive in there. Then you find yourself having to weigh up whether you really need to go that badly after all! Who knows who else has sat down on that toilet before you, so what to do?

The answer seems obvious: A little bit of toilet paper on the seat and then at least there’s a barrier between your body and the germs. It’s much better to not come in contact with anything that has splashed up from prior toilet users, right?

Truth be told, this is not the best approach at all. Actually, you should never lay toilet paper down on the seat because the toilet seats in themselves are really cleverly designed. For a long time, people thought the seats were covered in germs and nasties and people could pick up all kinds of horrible gastrointestinal infections or even worse things from them. But given their special shape and their particularly smooth surfaces, toilet seats actually prevent bacteria from settling on them. In addition, germs cannot multiply on bare skin, so mere contact with the toilet seat is not so bad after all. Toilet paper, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

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